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A free, open source, Angular admin dashboard template built with Angular 9 and Bootstrap 4

Free Angular Admin Dashboard Template - SB Admin Angular
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SB Admin Angular is a free, open source, Angular 9 admin dashboard template. This Angular version of SB Admin takes the layout styling from SB Admin and includes a powerful, Angular 9 based development environment and workflow that is a perfect starting point for any Angular 9 based web application or admin dashboard.

  • Uses Angular 9
  • Powerful development workflow environment included
  • SCSS based styling with built in scripts for compiling CSS
  • Pug based markup with built in scripts for compiling HTML
  • Flexbox based layout with fixed and static side navigation layout options
  • Toggleable side navigation
  • Interactive charts using Chart.js plugin
  • Interactive tables using ng-bootstrap plugin
  • Login, register, and forgot password pre-built page examples
  • 401, 404, and 500 error pages pre-built
  • Light and dark side navigation options
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License MIT License

Released Jan 18, 2020

Bootstrap Version 4.4.1

Last Updated Jan 18, 2020

Template Version 1.0.0
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