Unstyled Templates

A collection of unstyled Bootstrap 4 templates to help you get started with your next Bootstrap project.

Bootstrap Smooth Scrolling Navigation jQuery

Scrolling Nav

A scrolling navigation template.

Free Bootstrap Admin Theme - SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2

A free Bootstrap admin theme.

Free Bootstrap Online Store Template

Shop Item

An online store item template.

Free Bootstrap Ecommerce Template

Shop Homepage

An online store homepage template.

Free Bootstrap Admin Template - SB Admin

SB Admin

A free Bootstrap admin template.

Free Bootstrap 4 Portfolio Template

Portfolio Item

A portfolio item page template.

Bootstrap Sidebar Navigation Template

Simple Sidebar

A Bootstrap sidebar template.

Free Full Website Bootstrap 4 Template

Modern Business

A multipurpose website template.

Free Bootstrap 4 Portfolio Theme

4 Col Portfolio

A four column portfolio template.

Free Bootstrap 4 Portfolio Template

3 Col Portfolio

A three column portfolio template.

Free Bootstrap 4 Portfolio Theme

2 Col Portfolio

A two column portfolio template.

Free Bootstrap 4 Portfolio Template

1 Col Portfolio

A one column portfolio template.

Bootstrap Full Width Picture Page Backgrounds

Full Width Pics

Full width picture backgrounds.

Bootstrap Image Gallery Template

Thumbnail Gallery

A simple image gallery template.

Free Bootstrap Portfolio Template

The Big Picture

A starter portfolio template.

Free Small Business Template for Bootstrap 4

Small Business

A simple business Bootstrap template.

Free Bootstrap About Page Template

Round About

A Bootstrap about page template.

Free Bootstrap One Page Website Template

One Page Wonder

A simple one page website template.

Bootstrap Image Navbar Template

Logo Nav

A menu bar with a logo header.

Basic Bootstrap Home Page Template

Heroic Features

A basic Bootstrap home page template.

Half Page Bootstrap Image Carousel Slider

Half Slider

A half page image slider template.

Bootstrap Full Page Image Background


Full page image background template.

Full Page Bootstrap Image Carousel Slider

Full Slider

A full page image slider template.

Free Bootstrap Business Website Template

Business Frontpage

A business home page template.

Free Bootstrap Blog Post Template

Blog Post

A blog post starter template.

Free Bootstrap Blog Template

Blog Home

A blog home page template.

Bare Bootstrap HTML Starter Template


A Bootstrap HTML starter template.