Accelerate Your Web App Development

Start Bootstrap Stack is a full stack architecture for technology startups and application developers. It is the ultimate toolkit for building high-performance web applications, allowing you to bring your products to market faster.


Cut Development Time and Launch Faster

Most enterprise-level modern web applications share a similar set of core features. For startups and commercial projects, building these features can take months. With Start Bootstrap Stack, many of these core features are built for you, so you can focus on what makes your product unique, allowing you to bring your idea to market faster.

Start Bootstrap Stack highlights (What's Included)

  1. Front End implemented in Angular
  2. Back End implemented in Node.
  3. Everything in Typescript.
  4. Supported by open source technologies: Fastify, Docker, Postgres, Cypres, Prisma, and Jest.
  5. 100% unit tested.
  6. Exhaustive functional tests

Out of the box, our customers will have a fully functional and tested web application that Includes:

  • Social (Facebook, google, twitter and GitHub) and Local Authentication. Including email validation, password reset, and account locking
  • Multi-tenant support. (End users can create organizations and manage users)
  • User/Group management.
  • Integration with ReCaptcha to prevent bots and spam.
  • Integration with Stripe to accept payments and create subscriptions.
  • Integration with SendGrid to send emails.
  • Integration with Twilio to send text messages.
  • Integration with Google Cloud to store images.
  • A well defined domain model for expansion
  • Automated scripts to generate endpoints, components, services and models.