Free Product FAQs

Last updated: August 2020

Licensing of Free Products on Start Bootstrap

Questions about the MIT License and how to properly use our free products

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No. When using any of our free products, you do not need to give Start Bootstrap on your page. To remain compliant with the MIT License, simply keep the links to the MIT License within the code of the product. These links are already in the custom CSS and JS files of each item, so you do not need to add anything.

Yes. This is one of the main reasons we chose the MIT License for our free products. We believe our free products should be a free and open resource that developers canuse for commercial purposes without having to credit the creators visibly on the page.

The MIT License is a permissive, open source software license that originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). If you are using one of the free items on Start Bootstrap, you will notice that the CSS and JS files will have a section of code commented out at the top of the document with information about the theme and a link to the MIT License. All you need to do is keep those links there. There is no need to add links to Start Bootstrap or the MIT License anywhere visibly on your page.

Other Information about Free Products on Start Bootstrap

General information about the free products on our website.

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If you are interested in using a past version of one of the free themes or templates, you can access them on GitHub. All of our free themes and templates are listed on GitHub at Once you have accessed the repository of the item you’re using, you can look at previous releases by clicking on the ‘tags’ button to the right of the branch selection dropdown.