Help using Start Bootstrap, an overview of the website, and basic troubleshooting information about the themes & templates.

About Start Bootstrap

Start Bootstrap is a collection of free to use, open source themes and templates for the Bootstrap framework. The project was created in 2013 by David Miller. All of the templates you see on Start Bootstrap are free to use for any purpose, even commercially. New and existing themes and templates are created and maintained by David Miller at Blackrock Digital.

Copyright and License

Start Bootstrap is an open source project. All templates on Start Bootstrap are licensed under the MIT License. The Start Bootstrap website is licensed CC BY 3.0.

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a "sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development." All of the templates on Start Bootstrap are built using the Bootstrap framework, and you should have a good understanding of the framework before using the templates.

You can learn more about Bootstrap by viewing the official Bootstrap docs at

Accessing the Themes & Templates

To use the themes and templates available on Start Bootstrap, you can download them directly from the website using the download button on each of the template overview pages. You can also find the source files for each template or theme on GitHub.

Still Having Trouble?

If you run into any bugs with any of the templates or themes, please feel free to open an issue in the template's GitHub repository. If you have solved a bug within a template, you can submit a pull request with the bug fix. For additional support and other questions, please send an email to [email protected]. You can also hire a developer to help complete your project for you!

Hire a Developer!

The Start Bootstrap team is here to help you with your next Bootstrap based project. Whether you need a custom theme or are extending an existing Bootstrap template, Start Bootstrap can help get the job done! Read more about how to hire a developer on the custom design services page.