Bootstrap 5 Templates and Themes Update for Start Bootstrap

May 21, 2021 by David Miller

Now that Bootstrap 5 has been officially released, we have updated the templates and themes on Start Bootstrap to use the newest version of the framework!

With the move to Bootstrap 5, many of our templates and themes have received a bit of a design refresh as well, so make sure to explore the new additions to our Bootstrap templates and Bootstrap themes pages to see what has changed!

All of our products that use Bootstrap 5 have dropped jQuery as a dependency just as Bootstrap did. Because of this, some of the previously used third-party plugins that have been a part of our themes have been replaced with non-jQuery dependent alternatives, and the small bits of JavaScript functionality that is included with some of our themes has been rewritten in vanilla JS as well.

For more information about the Bootstrap 5 update, make sure to head over to the Bootstrap Blog and read over the major changes to the framework, and check out their migration guide if you plan on upgrading your existing Bootstrap 4 projects.

Pro Product Updates

Our HTML pro products, Material Admin Pro, SB Admin Pro, SB UI Kit Pro, and our Pro HTML Bundle, have also been updated to use Bootstrap 5! If you are using any of our SB Pro products and want to continue using the Bootstrap 4 version, we will continue to provide you with email support and bugfixes, but the Bootstrap 4 version will no longer be actively developed.

We have included a migration guide with our SB Pro products to provide you with specific instructions of what has changed in these themes. You can also reference Bootstrap’s migration guide for more information as well!

Bootstrap 4 Versions

If you are still needing to use the last stable Bootstrap 4 version of any of our template or themes, you can access previous releases on the GitHub repository for the template or theme you’re using. Simply find the one you’re looking for on Start Bootstrap and click on the “View Source Code” button below the preview image. From there, you will be redirected to GitHub where you can see the previous releases on the sidebar under the “Releases” section.

Keep in mind that the Bootstrap 4 versions of our free products will not receive continued development, since we will be focusing on Bootstrap 5 from here on out.

We hope you enjoy the updates to Start Bootstrap, and always, thank you for your continued support making us the web's most popular source of free Bootstrap themes and templates!

David Miller

David Miller

David Miller is the creator and founder of Start Bootstrap. He is a front end web designer working out of Orlando, Florida.