One Year of Start Bootstrap!

August 25, 2014 by David Miller

Hello Start Bootstrap users! It’s been a whole year since Start Bootstrap has launched, and it’s been a great one thanks to you. Over the course of the year, Start Bootstrap has become one of the most popular Bootstrap related websites on the web!

In the past year, Start Bootstrap has seen 1.3 Million unique users visit the site. These users accounted for 2.2 Million visits and 7.5 Million page views. That being said, it’s been an awesome year overall as far as the statistics are concerned.

Start Bootstrap 2.0

With the one year anniversary of Start Bootstrap, I would also like to make everybody aware of the launch of Start Bootstrap 2.0! If you haven’t noticed by now, Start Bootstrap has been completely redesigned! The new design is nice, but more importantly, we’re now hosted on GitHub Pages, and we are using Jekyll to post new content. What this means is that when I have an idea for a new template, I’ll be able to add it to Start Bootstrap much faster, and updating the site will be much more efficient. Overall, I’m hoping that the new update will result in the more frequent addition of new templates.

Bower Packages

As we move into the future, there are a few things that I will be adding to Start Bootstrap. The first thing that I’ll be working on is creating Bower packages for all of the themes on Start Bootstrap. I am really aiming for Start Bootstrap to be a bit more developer friendly, and while manually installing the downloaded template files is easy enough, Bower will cater to the developers a bit better.

Over the next few months (as time permits) I will be segmenting all of the templates on Start Bootstrap into their own GitHub repo (finally) and creating Bower packages for each template. For everyone else out there, don’t worry, the .zip files that you download from the site will still be there for manual installation!

WordPress and More

After getting the Bower packages all set, I’ll be looking at creating WordPress and other CMS versions of some of the more popular templates on Start Bootstrap. I have had loads of requests asking for WordPress versions of a few templates, and it’s about time to start delivering on some of those. I have a few contributors who may be helping to convert some of the themes over to various CMS’ and I will be tackling some of them on my own.

Currently, I am looking at using Roots in order to create the WordPress versions of some of the themes since it’s a Bootstrap based WordPress framework.

Special Thanks

That about covers all of the updates for now. I’m excited to keep improving Start Bootstrap. Lastly, I wanted to thank all of the people who shared Start Bootstrap with their friends and coworkers throughout the past year. Without you, Start Bootstrap wouldn’t be what it is today! I’ll keep an eye out for everyone on Twitter, and if you haven’t followed Start Bootstrap yet then you can follow the project at @SBootstrap. Also, if you want to follow me (the creator of Start Bootstrap) then you can follow me at @davidmillerhere.

Until next time, I hope your projects are a success, and Start Bootstrap will be here when you need it!

David Miller

David Miller

David Miller is the creator and founder of Start Bootstrap. He is a front end web designer working out of Orlando, Florida.