New Theme - Stylish Portfolio

October 2, 2013 by David Miller

We’ve just launched a new template to add to the Start Bootstrap mix. We are really excited about this one too. Announcing Stylish Portfolio, the newest addition to the Start Bootstrap template library.

This template is packed with some awesome features. For starters, we took our Simple Sidebar template, which has been pretty popular, and modified t a little bit to work as a responsive, right side menu bar for this site.

Next, you will see that we are using some actual images this time. We’d like to thank Death to the Stock Photo for sending us these awesome images yesterday that we are using in this template. The header section features a full width and height image, and the dramatic text section somewhere near the middle of the page has a cool windowed effect to spy on that image as you scroll.

Other than that, things are pretty straight forward. Download it, customize it, read our design suggestions, and have at it!

You can get our newest template - Stylish Portfolio on our website. Enjoy!

We’ve got more templates in the pipeline, so be sure to keep checking back for more!

David Miller

David Miller

David Miller is the creator and founder of Start Bootstrap. He is a front end web designer working out of Orlando, Florida.