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September 26, 2013 by David Miller

I’ve finally gotten around to adding a full website template to the mix. This first full website template by Start Bootstrap features 17 different pages of content that is ready to customize.

The template includes a working contact form, a Google Maps integrated contact page, and lots of great pages that make good use of Bootstrap’s JavaScript resources.

To get the template, simply visit the preview page here on Start Bootstrap. If you like what you see, just download the .zip file. It’s free, it’s open source, and it is pre-packaged with all of the different assets that make it work including: Bootstrap, Font Awesome Icon Fonts, and jQuery.

We hope you enjoy this first template. It’s multi-purpose enough to use for anything really, and it’s pretty general. Next up in the lineup of full templates is going to be something a bit more artsy…perhaps something that would work well for a photography portfolio or something of the sort. We’ll see!

Thanks, and enjoy this new template!

David Miller

David Miller

David Miller is the creator and founder of Start Bootstrap. He is a front end web designer working out of Orlando, Florida.