Introducing Start Bootstrap Forms

July 9, 2021 by David Miller

Some of our most frequently asked questions here at Start Bootstrap have been about contact forms. How do you make a form work so you can start receiving submissions to your email? Why doesn’t my form work? Contact forms can be a tricky business, and setting them up yourself can take hours of work, and understanding of web development past simple HTML and CSS

Before, we offered a PHP mailer service that users could self-host along with supporting markup, JS, and validation JS, that added functionality to some of our contact forms, but these methods weren’t supported in a lot of cases (for example, GitHub Pages), and cause lots of troubleshooting and headaches.

That is why we built Start Bootstrap Forms, which allows you to easily add functionality to your contact forms in just a few simple steps.

How It Works

There’s a few ways to get started with Start Bootstrap Forms. The easiest way to get a form up and running is to use one of our free Bootstrap themes that already has a form included with it. Once you have your theme downloaded, sign up for our forms service, add your domain, and then copy your API token into your form. That’s it! Once you go live with your website, the form will send submissions to the email address you specify on your account.

Another simple way to set up Start Bootstrap Forms is to use our new Bootstrap Form Builder. Our form builder allows you to to create your own, Bootstrap based forms that are pre-integrated with our forms service. After you’re done building your form, just grab the code, sign up, and put your API token into the form. Then you’re ready to go!

The last way to work with our Start Bootstrap Forms service is to go over the documentation and learn more about how the service functions. This way you can build your own, custom forms, and make them work with our form service by using the proper data attributes, validation classes, and more!

No matter what way you decide to set up your form, once you’re up and running our form service takes the form submissions and emails them directly to the email address you specify on your account. To start out, we offer up to 500 form submissions per month for a low monthly subscription fee of $5 per month. If you go past 500 submissions, it’s not a problem! You will automatically be charged an extra $1 for every 100 submissions past your monthly limit of 500.

Continued Development and Feedback

We are continuing to develop our Start Bootstrap Forms service as well as our form builder, so if there’s a feature you feel is missing from either one, head over to our feedback repository on GitHub and share your thoughts, or share your thoughts in the comments section below!

David Miller

David Miller

David Miller is the creator and founder of Start Bootstrap. He is a front end web designer working out of Orlando, Florida.