Free Bootstrap Themes - Lineup for 2019

February 21, 2019 by David Miller

2019 is in full swing, and Start Bootstrap’s lineup of Bootstrap themes in 2019 is looking better than ever! This year, some of our themes have already had major design updates, and others are slated for future redesign. Read on to check out the latest updates to Start Bootstrap themes coming in 2019!

Themes Redesigned for 2019

SB Admin 2 - Free Bootstrap Admin Theme

SB Admin 2 - a free Bootstrap admin theme

Our most popular theme got a long anticipated design update in 2019. SB Admin 2 is now compatible with Bootstrap 4, and features a fresh new design, brand new layouts, and new UX features. Created with a modern, flat material design style in mind, SB Admin 2 is now more powerful and adaptable than ever, and is still one of the most popular free Bootstrap admin themes currently on the web.

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Creative - Free Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

Creative - a free multipurpose Bootstrap theme

With over half a million downloads to its name, Creative is Start Bootstrap’s most popular landing page theme. This theme has already been updated for 2019 with a bit of a design refresh, and some code cleanup. The original flat design style has been slightly polished to look a bit more modern, but retains its original look and feel.

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Grayscale - Free Bootstrap Theme

Grayscale - a free Bootstrap theme

Grayscale was one of our first one page Bootstrap themes, and was is desperate need of a design refresh. The new Grayscale design uses dramatic gradients, a high contrast black and white style, and a monotone color palette to create a fresh new look.

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Freelancer - Free Bootstrap Portfolio Theme

Freelancer - a free Bootstrap portfolio theme

Freelancer’s fun feel, flat design, and bright colors have been a mainstay on Start Bootstrap since the themes release in 2014. Since then, Freelancer’s flat, illustration focused design has held up! We have updated the theme with the original feel and functionality from a design and UX standpoint in mind, but the code quality has been greatly improved!

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Themes with Major Updates Pending in 2019

Coming Soon - Free Bootstrap Coming Soon Page Theme

Coming Soon - a free Bootstrap coming soon page theme

The Coming Soon theme was created as a more experimental theme. The color palette is very muted and professional. The major thing that this theme has going for it is the video background. What to expect in the Coming Soon theme update is a redesign which gives the theme a more modern look and feel with more flexible customization options.

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New Age - Free Bootstrap App Landing Page Theme

New Age - a free Bootstrap app landing page theme

Originally created to be a landing page for people creating Bootstrap based websites for a mobile app or web app, New Age will be getting some major design updates in 2019. Look for a new, modern design style inspired by some of the most popular app landing pages out there, which will make the New Age theme truly worthy of its name!

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Landing Page - Free Bootstrap Landing Page Theme

Landing Page - a free Bootstrap landing page theme

One of the oldest landing page themes on Start Bootstrap, Landing Page got a bit of a design refresh last year, and it currently has risen in the ranks popularity-wise. In its current state, this theme is a great starting point for a lot of projects, and is going to be reimagined with its original design style in mind. Look for code quality updates and added functionality when this theme is rebuilt!

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One Page Wonder - Free Bootstrap One Page Website Theme

One Page Wonder - a free Bootstrap one page website theme

Another diamond in the rough, One Page Wonder has a lot of potential. Originally inspired by the Spotify landing page, One Page Wonder works to pull off a bold, colorful, modern landing page look - but is falling a bit short in its current state. Look for a design update to this theme in 2019 which will make this theme a true wonder!

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Themes with Minor Changes Pending in 2019

Agency - Free Bootstrap Agency Portfolio Theme

Agency - a free Bootstrap agency portfolio theme

Agency was originally based off of a design by FreebiesXpress. At the moment, we’re still happy with the general design and layout, and it’s still a great starting point for one page website projects. Minor updates to this free theme in 2019 might include code cleanup and some functionality updates.

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Resume - Free Bootstrap Resume Theme

Resume - a free Bootstrap resume/CV theme

In the social-sphere, Resume has been pretty popular! Created live on Start Bootstrap’s Twitch channel, this theme was a request, and has certainly been performing well. It’s a perfect starting point for a quick resume site, and moving forward will be getting some slight updates in its code quality, and perhaps some small design modifications.

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Clean Blog - Free Bootstrap Blog Theme

Clean Blog - a free Bootstrap blog theme

Clean Blog’s minimal flat design style has held up well over the years, and now has an official Jekyll version for great functionality with GitHub Pages. This theme is a perfect starting point for a Bootstrap based blog website, and will be getting a code review in 2019. New versions are also in the works, which include WordPress and Hugo!

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Stylish Portfolio - Free Bootstrap Portfolio Theme

Stylish Portfolio - a free Bootstrap portfolio theme

Another one of Start Bootstrap's older themes, Stylish Portfolio got a major design update last year. At the moment, this theme is a great starting point for a portfolio website or personal website, and will be getting a code review later this year.

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Business Casual - Free Bootstrap Business Website Theme

Business Casual - a free Bootstrap business website theme

At the moment, Business Casual is Start Bootstrap’s only niche theme. The imagery and layout is all about coffee shops, but it’s a great theme for food and beverage websites, or anything retail based with some simple modification of the images. Some new functionality will be explored in the 2019 update for this theme as well as a code review.

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Closing Remarks

Start Bootstrap has always prioritized updating existing themes over creating new ones. This way, you can always be confident that the themes you are finding on Start Bootstrap are fresh, ready to use, and bug-free!

New themes are always exciting though, so we are definitely planning on releasing a new theme or two for 2019. At the moment we’re exploring full website themes for creating projects with multiple pages, and some other niche specific ideas. If there’s a theme you would like to see on Start Bootstrap, make sure to comment below!

2019 is going to be an exciting year for free Bootstrap themes, so stay tuned for all of the fresh new content and updates happening throughout the year!

This post will be updated as needed when existing themes are updated and new themes are released.

David Miller

David Miller

David Miller is the creator and founder of Start Bootstrap. He is a front end web designer working out of Orlando, Florida.