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The original ‘SB Admin’ has gotten a lot of attention over the past few months, but this time it’s better!

We’ve listed to a lot of suggestions that you’ve had, and we have taken those suggestions and created a new admin template that is 100% free and open-source.

‘SB Admin 2’ is a new and improved, easily customizable, free Bootstrap based admin template that is great for building web apps.

SB Admin 2 - New and Improved

Download Here:

There have been a number of improvements over the previous version of SB Admin. Most notably, the menu bar in version 2 is greatly improved. On mobile devices, the side bar collapses into a nice, three-level dropdown that sits under the user interface links that behave as normal (and slightly modified) dropdowns.

Among other improvements, we’ve updated the morris.js plugin to feature fully responsive morris charts, and Tablesorter was dropped in favor of dataTables, which is customized to work with Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome icons.

We also want to give a special thanks to Bootsnipp for providing us with some awesome code snippets that were worked in which include: a timeline, chat widget, login page, circle buttons, outline buttons, and social buttons. You can see more Bootstrap code snippets on their website at

You can download ‘SB Admin 2’ on our site at We hope you enjoy this new addition to Start Bootstrap! We will be back soon with some more new content!

David Miller

David Miller

David Miller is the creator of Start Bootstrap. He is a front end web designer and developer working out of sunny Orlando, Florida.

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